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Our Pastor:

Elder Edward Morgan
9755 Tower Ridge Road
Pensacola, FL 32526
Home: 850-944-2066
Cell # 850-982-7366


Elder Edward G. Morgan, the third of eight children, was born on May 5, 1932 near Brantley, Alabama into a Christian home filled with the singing of hymns.  As a young child he read many books and built a good foundation for studying the Bible in later years. 

When he was fifteen years old, his dad joined Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Covington County, AL. and was ordained to the full work of the ministry in July of 1951.  Ed attended church with his Dad until he joined the Navy.

After he was discharged from the Navy, Ed enrolled in college at Auburn where he completed four college quarters and then dropped out so that he could work. He later earned his A. S. degree at Pensacola Junior College. Ed started working at Chemstrand/Monsanto near Pensacola, FL in November 1957 and continued working there until retirement in December 1985. (Ed went home every weekend and attended church with Mom and Dad until he married Nell Sanders on December 20, 1958.) 

Ed and Nell started attending Pleasant Home in 1960, where they enjoyed the services very much.  As they continued to attend, read church history, and study the Bible, Ed felt more and more that he wanted a home with Pleasant Home Church.  That longing became a reality on October 26, 1966, when Elder Burl Phillips announced the open doors of the church and the congregation stood and began to sing “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand”.  He was called upon to open services at Pleasant Home for the first time on May 14, 1967, and very soon he learned to expect to be called upon to speak at other churches.

Ed was licensed to preach by Pleasant Home Church July 26, 1969, and was subsequently ordained to the full work of the ministry on April 24, 1971.  He was called to serve as Pastor when Elder Burl Phillips stopped serving in 1985.  Elder Morgan also, began to serve Palm Chapel Primitive Baptist Church in May of 1971.  He served them nine years until Elder Kenneth Cadle moved from West Virginia and was willing to start serving Palm Chapel.  Elder Morgan has also served Mt. Pisgah Church at Frisco City, AL and Zion Rest at Excel, AL. 

Our Associates:

James-Houk350-420-2Elder James Houk
7930 Hwy. 97A
Walnut Hill, FL 32568
Home: 850-327-3088 
Cell # 850-380-7752


Elder James Conley Houk was born in Elizabethton, TN on February 5, 1950. In the winter of 1953 the family moved to Pensacola, FL where they eventually bought a farm in Ensley in 1959. While a college student, James married Patricia Ann Beasley in November of 1971, and then graduated from the University of West Florida in 1972 with a B.S. in Systems Science. He worked mostly in the Chemical and Textile Manufacturing areas doing Computer and System’s engineering until he went to work in 2001 with the Escambia County School District as a Programmer Analyst.

Elder Houk has been a Primitive Baptist all his life and comes from a long line of Primitive Baptists. On his mother’s side of the family we find relatives (Oliver’s) that helped settle the Cades Cove PBC near Gatlinburg, TN. On his father’s side there were four great uncles that were circuit riding Elders (Robert’s) in VA, NC, and TN. His grandparents and parents were all Primitive Baptist. James, his wife, and his oldest sister where baptized at Pleasant Home in 1973. He has been the church clerk on two different occasions, and on April 24, 1993, he was ordained to the ministry at Pleasant Home. He has preached in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina. 


David-Johnson350-420Elder David Johnson
5588 Sweet Birch Lane
Milton, FL 32583
Home:   850-623-5648
Cell #  850-698-4952

Elder David J. Johnson was born on May 17, 1942, in Massachusetts, but has lived in Florida for most of his life.  He received his B. A. from a small college in Garland, Texas where he met and married his wife, Jo Dena, in 1964.  In 1969, while working on his M. A. at Bob Jones University, he began to question the contradictions and inconstancies of his Arminian and Dispensationalist beliefs.  Later, after teaching in a private Christian school for fifteen years, he found it necessary to leave the Independent Baptists and search for a group of believers who held to the doctrine and practice of the New Testament. After nearly ten years of visiting various churches and listening to recorded sermons, he and his wife joined Palm Chapel Primitive Baptist Church in Crestview, FL in 1997 where he was soon licensed to preach.  Having been ordained to the full functions of a Gospel Minister in 2006, he has done the “work of an evangelist” as God has led him.  The Johnson’s joined Pleasant Home Primitive Baptist Church in 2009.

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